Cubby’s Business Fleet Fueling Card

Cubby’s proprietary fleet management fueling credit card is designed to handle your business fueling needs. Whether you have two vehicles or a fleet of twenty, Cubby’s proprietary fleet fueling card can help you manage your business. Some of the benefits of the card are that each driver can be assigned a pin number, unlimited number of your company departments, each vehicle and driver can be assigned a card (dual card system) and tax-exempt processing. Your statement can show you the following:

  • card number
  • unit description
  • date, time and location of purchase
  • name of driver
  • odometer reading
  • product type
  • transaction totals
  • per gallon price
  • total charges per vehicle

Your Cubby’s business proprietary card is good at all of our convenience stores.

If interested in applying for a Cubby’s business fleet credit card please click on the link and complete the credit application, personal guaranty and EFT authorization.