Pizza lovers – Cubby’s in Bennington has exciting news! We have added a brand-new pizza warmer that holds large pizzas from Godfather’s Pizza Express!

Grab and Go is what this means for our customers.

Cubby’s is happy to make this convenient option available to our friends and customers in Bennington. A delicious, large pizza from Godfather’s Pizza Express is the perfect lunch or dinner option for busy people on-the-go from work, school, and activities. No need to call ahead and wait for your order – these grab-&-go pizzas are made fresh daily from 11 am – 1 pm, and 4 pm – 7 pm.

You will find the warmer located at the front of the store near the counter, and full of a variety of large pizzas from Godfather’s Pizza Express. 

Look for these warmers to start appearing in other Cubby’s locations with Godfather’s Pizza Express very soon!

Grab and Go with a large HOT and FRESH pizza at Cubby’s TODAY!