A lot is happening at the Cubby’s Old Market store in downtown Omaha. Open 24 hours a day, every day, it’s one of the busiest of all Cubby’s stores!

Fortunately, the store is in good hands with store manager Joni Vinsonhaler. Joni joined the Cubby’s team in 2021 as the kitchen manager of the Dakota Dunes stores before transferring to the Old Market. She has served as the store manager since 2022, and the store has transformed under her watch!

As the only grocery store in downtown Omaha, the Old Market Cubby’s offers a wide selection of groceries. Joni studies the buying habits of customers and has implemented complete resets of the grocery aisles to keep them stocked with popular items. The most recent reset included the addition of more than 200 new items, and grocery sales have significantly grown as a result.

Joni is quick to credit her team for the success of the store. The full-service meat department employs two full-time and one part-time butchers. She is proud of their high-quality meats, including ground beef made from sirloin and rib-eye starting at $4.99/pound, and USDA New York strips for 8.99/pound. House-made brats are on sale all month, 8 for $10, in all flavors and varieties. January is National Meat Month – a great time to visit the meat department at the Old Market store!

The Old Market store offers daily specials from the deli department, and they are a big draw for customers! Joni credits kitchen associate Juana with delicious favorites, including Mexican chimichangas, burritos, and enchiladas.

“Cubby’s is a great company to work for, I know it sounds cliché, but it is true,” said Joni. “I appreciate that the management listens to me and trusts my suggestions, as it makes me want to work even harder for the company.”

As the manager of the store, Joni encourages each employee to welcome each customer with a smile and a friendly greeting, and each employee uses their own signature phrase as they send customers out the door. The Old Market store is a leader in Bear Bucks customers, and she credits her team with their suggestive selling to promote Bear Bucks specials – and the customers love it!

“Our team has fun together, and everyone helps each other out,” said Joni. “No one has a mindset of ‘that’s not my job’ – we are a team, and it feels like family.”

According to Joni, the Old Market employees – including herself – look forward to coming to work. “I love this company, I have never dreaded a day of work at Cubby’s.”

We are proud of the Old Market store, and everything that is happening in the downtown Omaha store. Thank you, Joni for making it a special place!