We enjoyed a mild Fall this year in the Midwest……but this is the Midwest, and we know Winter weather is coming!

Cubby’s is ready to help you manage the long cold Winter in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota with ice melt and windshield wiper fluid to help you stay safe and be prepared for Winter.

If you encounter Winter weather while traveling across Nebraska, Iowa, or South Dakota, rest assured that Cubby’s is a safe, warm place to stop. We take extra care to make sure our stores are safe. Everything from dry welcome mats and wet floor signs, to friendly staff, you will feel welcome and safe when you stop in for a hot cup of coffee or a warm meal from Chester’s Chicken, Godfather’s Pizza Express, or the Cubby’s deli all day, every day.

The gas in Cubby’s pumps is prepared for below-freezing Midwest temperatures, and our windshield fluid buckets are clean, and filled with a non-freezing windshield fluid so you can stay safe while traveling.

Our stores carry ice melt and non-freezing windshield wiper fluid. Our shelves will be stocked with easy, shelf-stable canned grocery items, as well as fresh, hot snacks and meal items.