Visitors to the Bennington Cubby’s store might have recognizedsome familiar faces. Greg Wagner from the Nebraska Games and Parks Commission broadcast his weekly radio show, the Great Outdoors Radio Show, from the store on Saturday a morning.

Cubby’s would like to thank everyone who stopped in for this special event – our regular customers, hunters, farmers, and teachers from the area, and friends of Cubby’s! The Bennington store is a popular gathering spot on Saturday mornings – our customers love the deli offerings, Chester’s Chicken, and the Godfather’s Pizza Express, and it was a very popular spot this week!

One of Greg’s special guests for the show was a familiar face from Godfather’s Pizza Express – the Godfather himself!

Greg and the Godfather discussed Cubby’s addition of three area Godfather’s locations within the last year – Millard, Saddle Creek near UNMC, and the location on North 30th St.

This was Greg’s first visit to the Bennington Cubby’s store, and he marveled at the size of the store. The location has an extensive grocery offering, adding to its popularity with area hunters and farmers.

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