Cubby’s September Store of the Month is our store in Pender, NE.

Store Manager Angel Burns joined Cubby’s this summer and feels fortunate to be part of the Pender Cubby’s team.

“I am lucky to have taken over this store that had such a strong foundation of employees,” said Angel. “Everyone on this team loves what they do, and they take pride in their work. They are always eager to pitch in and take extra shifts or help each other.”

The Pender store is a full grocery store and is in fact the only grocery store in town. Each member of the team is committed to keeping the store clean, and the shelves stocked with the items their customers want.

“Hailey, our deli manager, is a rock star. Jodi is our produce manager, and she always has nice, fresh produce on our shelves. Mike manages our Meat department, and he goes above and beyond to make sure the counter is stocked with delicious offerings,” said Angel. “Every single member of our team is committed to meeting the needs of our customers”.

Because Pender is a small town, the staff has built strong relationships with their customers. When they see a customer coming in the store, they pull their items of choice. Just about every customer is known by frist name at this store. 

The Pender store offers Godfather’s Pizza Express, Chester Chicken, and the featured Cubby’s Items of the Month. 

The store has a dining area which is full throughout the day with travelers, members of the community, and various coffee clubs. It is a true gathering place for the small town.

The Pender store believes in giving back to the community. The Raise Some Dough and 2% Receipt programs, which support Pender schools and local charities, are very popular with customers. The team regularly supports community and school events.

Congratulations to the Pender team – our September Store of the Month. Thanks for representing Cubby’s in Northeast Nebraska!