Omaha, NE, March. 16, 2022 Cubby’s Inc., is pleased to announce that it has finalized the acquisition of an Omaha, Nebraska traditional Godfather’s Pizza location.

“We are a family-owned company that truly values bringing quality food to the communities that we serve, says De Lone Wilson, President of Cubby’s Inc. “Godfather’s Pizza is the best pizza in the United States and it is based right here in Omaha. This traditional restaurant fits right into our portfolio along with our 22 Godfather’s Pizza Express locations and our newest Godfather’s Pizza To Go location, also in Omaha.”

“We are not just a convenience store or grocery store company; we are a food service company. We are working hard to become a restaurant that just so happens to sell fuel. We are already one of the top Godfather’s Pizza franchisees in the United States, so why not include a traditional version of what we already do. We look forward to continuing to grow with the brands we work with, as we continue to grow our business and diversify ourportfolio”, says Mike Wilson, Chief Operating Officer of Cubby’s Inc.

About Godfather’s Pizza Inc.
After 48 years of creating and making pizzas, you could say Godfather’s Pizza Inc. knows what it takes to make an unforgettable pizza. Founded in 1973, the family-operated franchise’s mission has remained unchanged—to serve a more delicious and abundantly-topped pizza. The fast-casual concept has expanded to more than 595 franchise locations in more than 40 states ranging from traditional dine-in restaurants to express outlets—airports, convenience stores and college campuses—and 905 Godfather’s Pizza TO GO locations.

About Cubby’s Inc.
Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska; Cubby’s Inc; owns and operates 37 convenience stores and supermarkets throughout Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. Cubby’s stores offer quality products for our customers, in clean and friendly stores. We are dedicated to offering the finest food and beverage to our customers in every community we work in.

We take pride in our friendly employees and through the use of competitive compensation and benefits in an environment that encourages employee engagement and development.