Cubby’s is happy to announce the Yutan store is the January Store of the Month!

Yutan is one of the first stores for Cubby’s and it has been a strong fixture in the Yutan community since opening. The store has an extremely loyal customer base, and everyone knows everyone at Cubby’s in Yutan!

Many of the Yutan team members are high school students from Yutan, and we have several longtime, dedicated team members. They are all committed to our customers, and often know our regular customers orders before they even order.

Our Yutan team was particularly excited that the winner of the Bear Bucks Rewards program was Teresa Davis, a loyal Yutan customer.

“We couldn’t of had a better winner,” said Shari Leinbaugh district supervisor. “Teresa and her family are in the store every day and everyone at the store loves her!” Having a local winner of the multi-state contest was exciting for the community, and there is a large banner with a photo of Teresa receiving her $10,000 check on display in the store.

Godfather’s Pizza Express and Chester’s Chicken are big draws for our customers in the Yutan store, especially when the high school has a home game for football, basketball, or wrestling. Thanks to the support of the Yutan community, Cubby’s donated $4511 to Yutan Public Schools in 2021.

The Yutan store has recently undergone some renovations inside the store and expanded the parking lot into a spot previously occupied by an abandoned home. These improvements were greatly appreciated by our customers.

Congratulations to the team at the Yutan store, our January Store of the Month.

Plan to stop into Cubby’s Yutan on March 19th, The Greg Wagner Show will be broadcasting live from 9a-10a and there’s a rumor our favorite pizza guy, The Godfather will be making a special appearance.