Over time, the thought of going to college has shifted from an exciting possibility for high school students to a must-have commodity for young professionals. Luckily, Cubby’s has established the Cubby’s Stephen Falk Memorial Scholarship, a fund specifically earmarked for Cubby’s employees and their family members to support their educational goals. This fund has been helping kids go to college for twenty years, including Creighton Prep graduates Paul and Timothy.

Each decided to go to Regis University in Denver, where they were able to use their $1,000 dollar scholarships on their choice of room and board, campus meals, books, and other expenses that arise for college students. Now, according to Bob Schulte of Cubby’s, Paul is working as a successful CPA in Denver, while Tim went to Duke University for his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and will finish in spring 2021.

Cubby’s understands that college can seem like an insurmountable financial burden for many families. Schulte agreed, “every dollar helps when it comes to higher education, especially when you have multiple children going at the same time. We’ve been grateful to have the scholarship in place to help.” For families facing the countless expenses of sending a student to college, the Cubby’s Stephen Falk Memorial Scholarship can ease help the financial burden of higher education. Given to recipients annually, any family members of a Cubby’s employee are eligible. Even adults looking to take night classes can apply!

If you or a loved one is interested in furthering their education, Cubby’s is always accepting applications! Filling out the application has never been easier, and can be accessed by visiting www.cubbys.com/scholarship/.