Formerly a Super Store gas station, the Cubby’s in Bellevue is open for business. We caught up with store manager, Cassandra, who said, “Our customers are happy with the upgrades and welcoming the change – many of the same happy faces they are used to in a store they love.” 

The Bellevue Cubby’s is serving the popular Chester’s Chicken.

Every morning, Cassandra makes the 30-minute trek from her home in Louisville to the Bellevue  Store. Originally from LaVista, she loves and appreciates the quiet drives that both start and end her days.

With a crew that’s been working there for several decades collectively, the Cubby’s Store in Bellevue is host to all sorts of essentials, from pantry staples to party snacks. Cassandra loves that her crew is like an extended family, as they have been working at this store for many years. “We are like a big, happy family over here and we would all do anything for each other,” said Cassandra. “We have two mother daughter sets working here. My mom, Linda and I, and Kelly and Christina. Linda is the deli manager now. My mom and I have worked here together for thirteen years and we don’t miss a beat together. We are always on the same page.” She also appreciates the fact that her team is always willing to go above and beyond to help because of their familial dynamic. She continued, “I am so lucky to have wonderful employees who always go the extra mile for our customers and each other.”

What also makes Cassandra’s job so special are her customers that she gets to see every day. She absolutely loves her job simply because of the customers that come through the door. “My customers are absolutely amazing!” said Cassandra, “they are why I love my job.” In fact, Cassandra and her team will often know exactly what their customers are stopping in for without having to ask!

Because of the Bellevue Cubby’s team dedication to their community, they have been selected as February’s Store of the Month! Cubby’s has done quite a bit of community fundraising, including an effort for the Bellevue Police Department’s K9 unit. Cubby’s presented a check for $4,165.65 for the K-9 Unit in December of 2019. “It was a great fundraiser,” said Cassandra, “we hung the big check behind checkout, and it was so amazing to hear our customers overjoyed with the amount we were able to collect.”

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