If you have ever wondered what it is like to work for Cubby’s, here’s the perfect answer!

Our deli manager Patty, at the Cubby’s West 49th Street store in Sioux Falls was recently injured in a fall and has been unable to work while she recovers. Her coworkers recognized the hardship that being off work for a few months and pitched in to help.

An organized effort was started among employees of that store and others to donate funds and vacation days to help. This has made all the difference for Patty and has truly lifted her spirits as she recovers!

This spirit of compassion exemplifies the culture of Cubby’s. Under the leadership and example of Phil Morrison, Cubby’s employees understand the value and importance of supporting each other and our communities. It’s not just something we say, it is who we are.

And this culture is a reason why our customers keep coming back, they are more than just customers – they are our friends!

We want to thank all of our employees – and we wish Patty a quick and complete recovery!